Skin improvement surgery - cosmetic surgery for skin enhancement


Skin Improvement

 Skin Improvement

Surgical skin improvement procedures to heal/reduce/remove scars, blemishes, tattoo or enhance the skin damaged by aging, sun overexposure and disease.

Plastic surgery ablative laser resurfacing
Valuable information on ablative laser skin resurfacing surgery, definition, finding a surgeon, procedure and more.

Plastic surgery botox injections
Facts about different botox injection treatment procedures, side effects, surgeons, etc.

Plastic surgery dermabrasion
Detailed information on dermabrasion surgery, its definition and history, surgeons, procedure, risks, benefits, etc.

Plastic surgery eyebrow tattooing
Information on the eyebrow tattoo cosmetic procedure for facial reconstruction.

Plastic surgery laser resurfacing
Facts about laser resurfacing surgery (laser peel) procedure, surgeons, benefits and risks.

Plastic surgery laser tattoo removal
Information on the laser tattoo removal procedure, surgeons, after effects, complications, etc.

Plastic surgery microdermabrasion
Valuable information on the microdermabrasion procedure to reduce scars and other skin defects.

Plastic surgery non ablative laser resurfacing
Information on non ablative laser skin resurfacing, a procedure widely performed to remove/reduce scars, wrinkle and aging marks.

Plastic surgery sclerotherapy
Information on sclerotherapy, definition, procedure, results and its role in varicose vein removal surgery.

Plastic surgery varicose vain removal
Detailed information on surgeons, procedure, complications and results associated with varicose vein removal cosmetic surgery.