Liposuction plastic surgery - procedure to remove excess fat and skin




Liposuction cosmetic surgery involving the removal of fat from body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks), neck and face, through hollow needles offers you a slimmer body. Liposuction has great value as a cosmetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery facial liposuction
Valuable information on facial liposuction, a cosmetic liposuction procedure to enhance youthfulness.

Plastic surgery neck liposuction
Information on the neck liposuction procedure, surgeons, after effects, complications, etc.

Plastic surgery body liposuction
Information on liposuction plastic surgery (lipoplasty), finding a surgeon for liposuction, procedure, complications and recovery.

Plastic surgery Liposhifting
Necessary information on liposhifting, a cosmetic procedure to correct bad liposuction.