Hair plastic surgery - hair transplantation & permanent hair removal


Hair Procedures

 Hair Procedures

Whether it is the permanent removal of unwanted hair or the restoration / transplantation of hair, hair surgery procedures are very much in vogue. To grow hair in the presence of male pattern baldness, the hair transplant procedure is the only effective way. For permanent hair removal of unwanted hair, laser hair removal is is becoming increasingly popular in cosmetic clinics. Both, hair transplant and hair removal, need careful attention before surgery. The links below provide necessary information on hair procedures.

Plastic surgery electrolysis
Information on electrolysis, a hair removal procedure that removes unwanted hairs grown by hormonal imbalance, illness, menopause and pregnancy in women.

Plastic surgery laser hair removal
Detailed information on laser hair removal, a cosmetic surgery for permanent hair removal.

Plastic surgery hair transplantation
Valuable information on hair transplantation cosmetic surgery and permanent hair transplant procedures.

Plastic surgery scalp flaps
Facts about scalp flaps, a baldness solution plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery scalp reduction
Information on surgeons, procedure and results of scalp reduction.