Body contouring/body shaping is a popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.


Body Contouring

 Body contouring plastic surgery

Body contouring surgery is mostly performed after weigh loss to give enhanced contour to the body by removing sagging, loose and excess skin. Men and women have become more and more image-conscious, but dieting and excercise often do not always result in the desired body shapes. Hence, the surgical procedures that constitute body shaping surgery have become popular to achieve a well-contoured body.

Plastic surgery arm lift
Information on surgical procedures to remove excess fat and loose skin from the upper arm

Plastic surgery chest augmentation
Male chest augmentation/enhancement by cosmetic plastic surgery is steadily coming to the forefront. Silicone implants have gone beyond the female cosmetic surgery to enhance the male chest.

Plastic surgery tummy tuck
Information on the procedure of the tummy tuck – removal of tissue to achieve a tight and well contoured tummy.

Plastic surgery belly Button
Vital information on belly button surgery, a corrective cosmetic procedure to resize/shape the belly button.

Plastic surgery lower body contouring
Helpful information information on body contouring surgery - to correct skin sagging and drooping in the lower body.

Plastic surgery buttock implants
Information on silicone buttock implants, the new rage after breast silicone implants.

Plastic surgery buttock lift
Valuable information on buttock lift plastic surgery, a popular cosmetic proceure to gain perfect thighs and buttocks.

Plastic surgery thigh lift
Thigh lift surgery is a reliable cosmetic plastic surgery measure to remove sagging skin from the thigh and buttock area, in order to give an aesthetically pleasing look and for comfort.

Plastic surgery calf augmentation
Calf augmentation is an cosmetic procedure to gain muscular, sexy, curvier calves. The procedure includes silicone implants.

Plastic surgery endoscopic
Endoscopic surgeries are the most advanced plastic surgery that leaves no or minimal scarring and less surgical after effects.